Time for a new season!

Hello to all the javelin friends and fans!! Now that i have finally got my new website up its time to write my first headline!

After a good start in October without any serious injuries, my training is going very well after allmost two years since before summer 2010. As i was injured at the European championship qualifying round in Barcelona 2010 my training has just started to get the right form.

I have taken good time to focus on my strength training and my technique. I believe i have a good chance to throw over 80 meters this year, if only my health is ok and everything goes as planned.

After so much hard training i went to my homeland Greece for a couple of weeks in January, mostly for relaxation. I also got a chance to see my lovely girlfriend who studies there and is soon ready to graduate. Some times it's necessary for the mind also to get away from the usual rutines which in my case was very good for me since i hadn't seen my girlfriend for almost 4 months,and because i hadn't got some time off from training since October.

Now we are back in business and are throwing constantly 2-3 times a week, concentrating on the technique and shoulder strength.

Hopefully i will be updating my status a couple of times a week and you are free to send me any questions or anything else through the Contact form.

Talk to you soon!