The season has started!

Hello! This years season has now began and i have had a pretty good start with my throwing. My first competition took place in Halle of Germany on the 17th of May where i threw 74.75 m and got a 7th place. An okay start just 4 meters away from the qualifying to the European championship this summer. The second competition was on saturday the 24th of May in Bålsta (Sweden) where i again threw over 74 meters (74.37) in quite strong sidewinds, also winning the competition.
My next competition now will be on thursday 29th of May in Riga (Latvia), where i will try to throw over 78 meters required to qualify to Zurich. There will be a very strong competition with participants such as Vasilevskis (olympic silver meddalist Athens 2004), Kovals (olympic silver meddalist Beijing 2008), Sirmais (junior world record holder) and others!