Swedish championship and last competition ahead...

After a failed competition in Karlstad at Karlstad GP where i threw 71.75 m and getting a 2nd place and with only 4 participants, next was two competitions which was a bit better but not as good as i hoped for. First was the Folksam Challenge in Uppsala where i threw 73.36 m getting the 3rd place in strong headwind and with not so good technique, then the last competition was Folksam Challenge in Mölndal where i threw 74.05 m and placing 2nd with a little better technique then the last time even after some hard training the days before which made my body feel out of shape.

Now in three weeks is my last and most important competition of this season, the Swedish athletics championship which will be held in Stockholm Olympic stadium, in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary from its first competition in the Olympics in 1912.

Unfortunately i have some bad news, i wont be able to participate in the Sweden-Finland games in September due to some changes in the rules. The rules say that if someone isn't competition-ready (internationally) for a nation don't have the right to also participate in an international match between countries, as it was untill now. Therefore i have to wait untill next year when i will be fully able to compete for Sweden.

More news again soon.