Season 2012 done, 2013 in sight!

After a completely failed performance at the Swedish Championship it is now time to rest before the next season. It didn't go as well as i hoped for, was surely my worst competition in the last few years.. Everything started well at the warm up but as soon as i got into the competition it was like i had forgotten everything.. I slipped on the runway the moment of the release a couple of times, it was heavilly raining during the competition so it wasn't the best weather condition. I was pretty disappointed with my self as my best throw only was 64 meters and got the 5th place, not at all near my real capabilities. I feel now i wasn't ready for the national championship, i hadn't trained as much as i wanted the last few months because of my work, so i kind of was out of shape (that's ok since i am not competition-ready for Sweden untill next summer).

Like i said, now it is time for a couple of weeks of rest before starting to train for the next season and prepare my self for the World Championship in Moscow 2013.

At this moment i would like to thank everyone who has helped me this past season, and let me tell you that i will make you even prouder the next one! First of all i big THANK YOU to my dear family and my wonderful girlfriend who always stands by my side... Also thanks to my sponsors, OpenIt for providing this beautiful website, Gymutrustning.com, Gymmet På Väster (the best gym in Örebro), restaurants Svalan and 4e Våningen, STRENGTH Sport & Nutrition and last but not least, my club KFUM Örebro Athletics.

Have i nice autumn everybody!!