It's show time!

And yes! It's show time! Next weekend it's time for my first competition of this season. Starting with the teams-championship qualifying round in Stockholm Sunday the 20th. It will be fun to start competing outside again, since we javelin throwers have no competitions indorrs in the winter.

I will try to do my best and throw as far as i can! Though i haven't gotten into full trowing yet outside i hope i will get good throws and results.

Since i am not competing to qualify to the European Championship in Helsinki or the Olympics in London after the Greek Athletics Federation refused to let me go and allow me to compete for Sweden, it will just be the swedish national championship, the Sweden-Finland Games and several other competitions that will come this summer.
It's hard to know that you can't compete and try to qualify to the biggest athletics and sports event in the world,such as the European Championship and the Olympic Games, due to some "decisions" that are blocking my career until next summer.. The only thing i can do is to be patient. The World Championship in Moskow 2013 is my next big goal!