First training outdoors!

Hello everybody!

Today was the day! First training outdoors for this season and the program was throwing, like everysaturday! Nice and sunny weather and sure was fun to throw outside after allmost 6 months.
Started with shot put and with some light back throws and later some standing throws with the 7kg. Did unexpectedly well, throwing 13,50 meters from standing after a hard upperbody workout yesterday. After that it was time for some javelin throwing! A few throws on the grass, standing throws and some with a few steps just to warm up before getting on the runway. Once getting on the runway it was time for more throws with a few steps and later with 3-4 cross-steps, nothing to hard or difficult, since this was the first outdoor throwing session of the year. My coach Arto Thor also filmed some of my throws so we could check out the technique later. Quite satisfied!

Last week i had a resting week and also took the chance of testing my self in some exercises, like jumping, throwing, sprinting and strength. Did very good for this time of the year, i am in much better shape since last year and that pleases me a lot. A few examples are: deep front squats (140 kg), quarter back squats (310 kg x 4 reps), hanging snatch (105 kg), bench press (135 kg), pullover (75 kg x 3 reps) and that's it with the strength part.
Did also a few personal bests in jumps for this year but unfortunately i don't have the results right now! :-)
Did also very good in throwing, like: back throw with 7kg (17,50 m) 6kg (19,70 m) and 5kg (20,80 m), two handed front trowing with 4kg shot (18,80 m) and 3kg (21,10 m). Fast sprints, fast times at 30, 20 and 10 meters even though it felt a little bit heavy after weight lifting. That's all for now.. I will be back with more updates as soon as possible!

Will also take the opportunity to thank my gym,  Gymmet på VästerGymutrustning.comSTRENGTH Sport & NutritionRestaurant & Konferens 4e Våningen and Svalan for taking care of my meals and lunch,and least but not last  OpenIT who built this website!

Be back soon! Take care!