Finally spring!

Hello again! It was a few months ago since i last wrote something on my website, but now it is time again to share some things that have happened!

I can easily say my training has gone pretty well during the fall and winter, and it was particurarly good in mid-January when i travelled to Potchefstroom, South Africa on a trainingcamp together with my coach and other swedish throwers! Beeing there was a great opportunity to see some other great throwers as well, such as olympic and world champion Andreas Thorkildsen, finnish javelin throwers Mannio and Ruuskanen and others.
It was by far the best trainingcamp i have ever been to, and it was worth the long trip to get there! The weather was hot with a few (heavy) rain-showers, but i do not complain! It's perfect weather for January, something i have never experienced before!
After a long and boring winter with not a lot of snow, we can finally enjoy a much sunnier and warm weather and i sure hope it is getting better from now on!

My next planned trainingcamp is in a few weeks and i will be getting to the beautiful island of Kos in Greece, where i will be staying for about three weeks! That will be a good preparation before this years season which will possibly get started around 17th of May. The biggest goal ofcourse is the European Championship in Zurich in the middle of August, which i will finally have the chance to qualify to as a Swede!

Wish me good luck and don't forget to follow my fight for success this year, show your support by cheering at my competitions and why not help me in any way you can! It is very appreciated!