Finally a SB!

Finally i had a good competition with a new season best with 78.85 meters in the first throw at the Öresund Games in Helsingborg! Also had a fault throw around the 80-meter mark and another throw in the sixth attempt measuring 78.03. I am very happy and pleased with my performance sice it is my 4th best throw ever, a new competition record as well as a new district record for my district Örebro. It felt good allready from the warmup and it just came true in the competition. I was in good shape, the weather was good, just perfect. I am starting to find my run-up againg, i feel that i had a good flow through the track and managing to get all that energi in the throw. What a feeling! But there are still a lot more to come! 
Now back to training and getting ready for my next competition at Karlstad GP in the 19th of July. To watch my throw click on the video below.