Countdown to competitions!

I hope you all had a great easter, my self has celebrated it two weekends in a row. Last weekend it was swedish and today it is greek easter, though it is not the same celebrating greek easter and not being in greece.

Now it it´s a bit over a month left to the first competition of the year, the team-championship qualifying on May the 20th. After another easy week with a few tests in jumps, throws, spint and strength i can say i am very satisfied with the results! I am finally at the same level i was before i got injured in 2010, when i also had my first 80 meters throw, and i must say it feels very good to be back!
Short said i´ve had several personal bests beaten this pas week, quite a good timing now that the competitions are approaching. Today its strength training as always and tomorrow a new week starts! I hope you all have a good time and that you are training well for the summer!