2013 over...2014 on the way!

Well, this season is now over, and it ended in quite a good way for me also! I took the brons medal at the swedish championship in Borås, got me a spot in the national team for the Sweden-Finland games that were held in Stockholm, got a sixth place (last place) but i also threw a season-best with 78.59 m! In a competition with competitors such as Pitkämäki, Manio, Ruuskanen, Amb and Wallin it might have been the best SWE-FIN competition ever with all competitors over 78 meters. It felt really good to finally be in good shape (not so unexpected), considering my elbow-operation in September last year. 

Now i have had my resting period and have just started my training period again for the next season.

I have also started studying to be a Coach at Bosön Swedish National Sports Complex School, which also will be my training grounds for the next two years. It is really fun, very educational and very good for my own training and later on when i will be able to train others. All the possibilities are here!

My goal now for the next season is to be healthy, to be able to throw the javelin without any issues or injuries, and of course to qualify to the European Championship 2014, which will be held in Zurich in mid-August. And to finally break my personal best!