A few words about who i am...

Name: Jiannis Giorgos Karl Smalios

Born: 1987-02-17, Stockholm

Family: Mother Ulrika, father Giorgos and brothers Stefan, Andreas, Filip

Live in: Stockholm, Sweden

Weight: 95 kg / 210 lbs

Height: 1,92 m / 6,3 ft

Club: KFUM Örebro

Coach: Arto Thor

Sport: Javelin throw and former Decathlete

Best sports memory: Junior European champion 2005 and my participation at the Olympics 2008 in Beijing

Did you know?: Have competed for Greece until 2010

Hobbies: Athletics and photography

My dream: To win an Olympic Games, a World and European Championship in javelin throw

I was born in Stockholm but grew up on a small island in Greece, called Kos. I moved there with my parents when i was only a few months old, considering my father is greek. Sports came in to my life in an early age, as a six-year old boy i started playing basketball and at the same time training karate until i was about eleven years old. I got my first medal ever in karate when i came third at the greek championship for my age. Not bad for a ten-year old boy. Then it was time for soccer a few years when i finally desided to begin with athletics. Highjump was my starting event and later on from combined events (6-athlon, 8-athlon and decathlon) to my favourite, javelin throwing!

My first club was called A.S. Ippokratis Kos which changed its name to G.S. Eydamos my last year in Greece. My first coach under those first ten years of training was Dimitrios Papatheodorou. Thanks to him i made it possible to be the athlete i am today..

I think that javelin throw is the best sports event of them all! I have allways enjoyed throwing things, even as i child i remember my self throwing stones and rocks or even wooden sticks down at the beach or in the woods trying to throw as far as possible.Since Oktober 2010 i have been living in Sweden and even more precise in Örebro to continue my training and javelin career.

The club i now belong to is called KFUM Örebro and my new coach is called Arto Thor who have helped me a lot trying to come back after my injury in 2010. I am very pleased with the training and i appreciate every experience he has got as a former javelin thrower. We have a very good partnership together and i hope that everything gets better in the future with many longer throws and achievments!