Biography & Proggression

Javelin PB: 80,77 m (2010)

2013: 3rd at Swedish national Championship
         6th at Sweden-Finland games and season best with 78.59.

2012: Season best with 78.85m and Öresund games record.

3rd at Swedish national Championship
         4th at Sweden-Finland games

2010: Participant at the European Championship in Barcelona
         2nd at the
Greek national Championship

2009: 4th at the Mediterranean Games in Pescara
         2nd at the Greek
national Championship
         11th at the U23 European Championship

2008: 2nd at the Greek national Championship
         27th at the Olympic Games
in Beijing

2006: 12th at the Junior World Championship in Beijing
         1st at the
Balkan Championship

2005: 1st at the Junior European Championship
         1st at the U23 Greek
national Champ. (Decathlon)
         1st at the Junior and U23 Greek national

2004: 1st at the Greek national Champ. (8-athlon)
         2nd at the Junior
Greek national Champ.


 Year                  Result                   Place

2013                  78.59                 Stockholm

                  78.85                Helsingborg

2011                  77.15                  Mölndal

2010                  80.77                 Kalamata

2009                  76.80               Thessaloniki

2008                  79.33              Argos Orestiko

2007                  76.80                   Athens

2006                  74.52                   Trikala

2005                  77.25                   Kaunas

2004                  65.02 (800gr)   Kalloni Lesvou
                         71.52 (700gr)

2003                  66.15 (700gr)      Korinthos