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On this page i will be sharing news, my development in my training and everything about the season coming up.

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Blog & news

  • The season has started! The season has started!
    Hello! This years season has now began and i have had a pretty good start with my throwing. My first competition took place in Halle of Germany on the 17th of May where i threw 74.75 m and got a 7th place. An okay start just 4 meters away from the...
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  • Finally spring! Finally spring!
    Hello again! It was a few months ago since i last wrote something on my website, but now it is time again to share some things that have happened!I can easily say my training has gone pretty well during the fall and winter, and it was particurarly...
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  • 2013 over...2014 on the way! 2013 over...2014 on the way!
    Well, this season is now over, and it ended in quite a good way for me also! I took the brons medal at the swedish championship in Borås, got me a spot in the national team for the Sweden-Finland games that were held in Stockholm, got a...
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  • Happy New Year 2013!!! Happy New Year 2013!!!
    Wishing you all a Happy New Year and i hope this will be a great athletics season with lots of great performances for every athlete! I wish all your dreams will come true and you reach the goals you have set for 2013..!
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  • Season 2012 done, 2013 in sight! Season 2012 done, 2013 in sight!
    After a completely failed performance at the Swedish Championship it is now time to rest before the next season. It didn't go as well as i hoped for, was surely my worst competition in the last few years.. Everything started well at the warm up...
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  • Swedish championship and last competition ahead... Swedish championship and last competition ahead...
    After a failed competition in Karlstad at Karlstad GP where i threw 71.75 m and getting a 2nd place and with only 4 participants, next was two competitions which was a bit better but not as good as i hoped for. First was the Folksam Challenge in...
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  • Finally a SB! Finally a SB!
    Finally i had a good competition with a new season best with 78.85 meters in the first throw at the Öresund Games in Helsingborg! Also had a fault throw around the 80-meter mark and another throw in the sixth attempt measuring 78.03. I am...
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  • Tuff week Tuff week
    And so there are two competitions completed this week, Göteborg GP and Bottnarydskastet (throwing meeting). In Göteborg i came in sixth place with 74.13 m, not so good as i had hoped. In Bottnnaryd, although i got in...
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  • Steady further... Steady further...
    Hello again!Competition in Riga, done..! Threw 75.16 m. and got a sixth place and increasing my season best by one meter.Feels good to have started competing again, i believe i have taken a few steps forward with my throwing, but still have a long...
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  • Riga Cup 2012 Riga Cup 2012
    Right now i am located in Riga, Latvia and preparing for the competition that starts at 19:50 local time. Many good throwers will participate and the weather is quite good too. A little cloudy, around 16-17 degrees Celsius and just a little...
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  • Competition nr 1... Check! Competition nr 1... Check!
    With strong headwind and without full approach i completed my trows yesterday in Stockholm. I threw 74.24 meters with quite a good technique (for throwing with half the approach) getting the first place in the competition. It felt good throwing in...
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  • Competition time!! Competition time!!
    The time has come for the first competition of the year, Team-championship qualifying round, at Enskedes stadium in Stockholm.It will be fun to finally start competing, also at a new stadium (new for me). I have never competed at that stadium...
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  • It's show time! It's show time!
    And yes! It's show time! Next weekend it's time for my first competition of this season. Starting with the teams-championship qualifying round in Stockholm Sunday the 20th. It will be fun to start competing outside again, since we javelin throwers...
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  • Countdown to competitions!
    I hope you all had a great easter, my self has celebrated it two weekends in a row. Last weekend it was swedish and today it is greek easter, though it is not the same celebrating greek easter and not being in greece.Now it it´s a bit over a...
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  • First training outdoors! First training outdoors!
    Hello everybody!Today was the day! First training outdoors for this season and the program was throwing, like everysaturday! Nice and sunny weather and sure was fun to throw outside after allmost 6 months.Started with shot put and with some light...
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  • Time for a new season!
    Hello to all the javelin friends and fans!! Now that i have finally got my new website up its time to write my first headline!After a good start in October without any serious injuries, my training is going very well after allmost two years since...
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  • New website is live! New website is live!
    I want to thank OpenIT for their help to create this beautiful website for me, and therefore opening up a new world of possibilities. I am very grateful and hope our partnership will continue in the future...Thank you!
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